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Vip Room, Oslo, Norway, Swingers Club

Vip Room

Swingers & Intimdate/ Swingers & Intimtreff

First we would like to wish you a very nice welcome to the Vip Room
in Oslo. This is a new private member club for open-minded adults
that wants to explore the swingers environment.

The club is run by members that share the mutual expenses and have
the same life philosophy. Erotic joy and pleasure in a safe environment.

Our club is also open for them that only wants to get the erotic feeling
and excitement in a safe setting.
You only do what you feel like, and the ladies are in charge. No means no.
It’s important to be on your best behaviour, show respect, consideration
and common sense is a must. If you misbehave and don’t follow the rules
you will be excluded from the club.

We are a close member trust that have erotic gatherings for adults in Oslo, mainly for couples, single ladies and single men that fits in this environment can also sign up for membership.
We have about 15-26 cuples at Saturdays.

The Vip Room is an erotic gathering place for open minded adults that
have the same vision, attitude for respect and acceptance.
We can offer well-being and relaxation in our little spa area. Our host for
the evening can offer a nice and relaxing atmosphere in our lounge were
you can have a drink, get to know the culture of swinging and meet other
exiting people with the same view. It is important to us that you enter a
safe, positive, social and tidy environment. Safety is important in such
settings for all members to have a good time, therefore security and
discretion are high priority for us.

Beginners will also be taken good care off. There will always arrive new
and exciting people to our club. Many of our guests only wants to see and
feel the excitement, have a Jacuzzi or sauna, relax and enjoy their partner
in a different environment away from their own home.

For some its excitement enough just to hear other have the erotic
experience in our relaxing playrooms. It is a criteria that members always
show considerations to new visitors at the club so they will feel welcome
and safe with us. Discretion and confidentiality is a must.

Great changes have happened the last years within the erotic world.
Constantly several people are discovering the opportunity to fulfil their
erotic dreams and fantasies. The swinges club is a growing culture also
in this country.

It is very important to emphasize that our members don’t have to
participate or do anything at all when visiting the club. All play is
voluntary and no one should feel obliged to do things they are not
comfortable with. In or club you have the pleasure to live out your
sexuality in a safe and relaxed environment, or just enjoy some spa
treatment in our large Jacuzzi and sauna room.

We keep an orderly manner, that means that all our members can feel
safe and discretion counts for everyone. You need to keep full control of
your actions, we do not accept drugs and drunkenness. Anyone arriving
at the club suspected to be on drugs or to be drunk will be turned away.

Phone time: from 1400 -2400 +47 96699309

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