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Intimidades Porto Swing Club, Portuga

On the exterior entrance, opposite to the main gate, a charming and welcoming porch with beautiful canvas awakes the senses and it’s the first meeting point where the journey about to take place… begins.
An inside hall with hidden light spots – like hand painted ancient stained cathedral glass-windows – decorated with ornamented diamonds design, combining and contrasting in a retro stile with a straight lines architecture and light corners studied to the smallest detail. Nothing around us soothes the senses – yet, arouses them… Framed mirrors imitating golden craved wood, a chandelier that gives back the glamour of the bright ballroom stages, golden settees and a first impact that extends the welcoming with the same outdoor grace.
If, on your senses journey, you´ll choose to begin by the bar and disco floor, dazzle with a glass wall decorated according to the theme – merry treble cleaves and musical notes inviting to cheerful conversation, dance, embraced bodies in perfect harmony besides whatever more what your imagination and libido come up with. It´s a big space, a well provided bar and the music calls for using the central stage and dance pole…

There are five senses but in Art, beauty, eroticism, sex, complicity – each one of us will find other senses with no name – and through the journey on “INtimidades”, be your own guide…
At the petit lounge, pulpy red lips on the wall invite to a stop on the antechamber of the private zones, not far from the public WCs decorated with beautiful stylish doors with body silhouettes.
It will always be your choice, where to cast anchor in a safe port on a ride that´s just beginning.


Phone: 00351 913 862 239

Address: Porto , Portugal

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